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Oct 22 '12

HeroClix: Here’s Your Batgirl, Inc.

I’ve said before that Wizkid’s HeroClix is my favorite DCU right now and here’s another reason. We may never see a team-up of all three Batgirl’s in comics beyond the panel below in Batgirl vol. 2 #24 and numerous pieces of commissioned and fan art.

But now you can have it playing HeroClix which unveiled today it’s newest piece:

And with their previous unveiling of BabsGirl and BlackBat, you can have all three (and if you are a real stickler you can order a Cass as Batgirl)!

And can I just say the fact that Stephanie’s character has Electro-Magna-Gooperangs makes me so happy? Hey, I just did!

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