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Feb 22 '11

Another character confirmed for Young Justice

The producers said there would be lots of characters the first season and here’s confirmation that at least one new male character is on the way.

The character of Beast Boy, aka Garfield Logan, will be joining the cast. He’ll be voiced by actor Logan Grove. The news is on the site of Grove’s booker and was also announced, noted by the site Toon Zone, by Grove’s agent.

Beast Boy was a key character in the New Teen Titans line-up and was one of the leads in the animated Teen Titans series. In comics, he is currently in the Teen Titans book. From the looks of the character, the emphasis here is on “young.” Grove looks to be pre-teen. So what does that mean? Will he be a member of the core team? Will he be a member of the Doom Patrol?

I was also told this weekend that there will also be another female character added to the show by the end of the season to join Artemis and Miss Martian. Wonder Girl? New character? The source wouldn’t confirm.

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    This is new? They’ve been talking about it for a while… They’re adding Beast Boy and Wonder Girl (because they finally...
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    YESSSSSSSS I LOVED BEAST BOY!!!! kinda bummed that greg cipes wont b voicing him again, but hey, beggars cant be...
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    My body is physically unable to deal with this information.
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    Here we go Garth Logan. Oh yeah.
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