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Oct 30 '12

DC Names the Best Villain Team

DC Comics has declared October Villains Month and over the last few days was running a contest to pick the Ultimate DC Comics Super-Villain Team. 

But I was a little surprised at the categories. Let me be more specific; I was a little surprised at how few women were in these categories:

Wait what about Cheetah?

Wait what about Hera? Giganta? Veronica Cale?

Wait, what about Poison Ivy?

Wait what about Shiva? Or Waller? Or Cheshire? Or Scandal? 

Okay, so the Ventriloquist could mean Peyton. But when you are talking about crime bosses who better than the head of the League of Assassins and Leviathan? 

So as you can see there poll was a little, um, male centric. But don’t worry there was an opportunity to vote for a female villain as they made a whole category just for women:

I’m kinda amazed that Killer Frost was on this list.

If you do assume that Ventriloquist is Peyton than only one other category had a female character was this one:

I assume that DC was attempting to ensure one female was on the team. So that’s great, however, I don’t get why the majority of women were placed in one category and the other categories were filled with all male nominees.

Anyway the team has been named and you can check it out on DC’s home page.

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    I kinda feel like this is a flaw with DC’s character creation as opposed to with this poll itself. There is a strong...
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    Had to deal with this recently in a professional setting… Wish I could say more.
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    Years later and women are still pigeonholed into the ‘femme fatale’ archetype. As if that’s their entire identity. Whoo!...
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