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Oct 30 '12

Dustin Nguyen’s Little Gotham is the BEST Gotham

DC just announced Li’l Gotham a new, digital first series from a Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs. The monthly series will be built around the holidays and the first, for Halloween, debuts tomorrow.

Dustin showed me some of the pages from the Halloween story at NYCC and they are incredibly adorable. Imagine what Damian might look like denied candy.

And the best part of THIS Gotham? Well, take a look this illustration on DC’s home page for the series:

Yep. You see some characters you haven’t seen for awhile on DC’s blog, don’t you?

Again, first issue tomorrow. Issues around Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s to come. 

A definite treat for readers!

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    SO CUTE!!! I can’t wait! :3
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    I think I shall buy this. It looks very cool and I loooove Dustin’s artwork.
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    OMG. THIS COULD BE THE FIRST NEW DC COMIC I BUY IN LIKE A YEAR. “It’s basically a Batman book for fans…” YOU GUYS. BABS...
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