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Oct 31 '12

Comics to Buy This Week, October 31

There’s some nice TREATS this week for comics readers. (Subtle I am not).

First off can you all just go and buy Dustin Nguyen’s Little Gotham? Because it is both incredibly cute and Dustin is just incredibly talented. It’s digital so you’ll need to buy it on DC’s app or Comixology. Just $.99!

Also this week some more appropriately themed comics.

I’ll start with a first issue. We reviewed this over on 3 Chicks this week in case you want to give us a listen. It’s intense.

And another appropriately themed comic!

Ghosts #1 from Vertigo. This is an anthology with work by Joe Kubert, Geoff Johns, Phil Jimenez and Amy Reeder.

And another appropriately themed comic!

One of the best books this year.

Justice League Dark Annual #1 - this wraps up Lemire’s first arc. Great book.

It’s Becky Cloonan and Scott Snyder together!

And that’s my list - what’s on yours? And what did I miss?

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    Rachel Rising, Justice League Dark, and Captain Marvel! And I can’t wait to check out Little Gotham!
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  5. imagesandnerds said: Rachel Rising has been great.
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    I bought my very first ever digital comic today…and it was this.
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  13. sepurificar said: capitain marvel is argh!
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