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Oct 31 '12

The Many Faces of DC Women: Halloween Mask Edition

There was a time when if you wanted to be your favorite DC female superhero for Halloween you had to wear an uncomfortable plastic mask. Through the years the manufacturer (mostly Ben Cooper) changed the mold for that plastic mask and gave the character a slightly different look. Let’s take a look.

And, of course, we’ll start with Batgirl.

The first make looks like she’s just seen something horrible or those burritos she’s so fond of are hitting her lower GI. The next one is a happy Babs, with the wide cut mouth we’d see in animation. That last one? Blowing a kiss? I got nothing.

Supergirl is happy. Because it is pre-Crisis happy Supergirl not the occasionally post-Crisis angsty Supergirl. 

Not the same mold just Catwoman changing her look. The first one is the costume Catwoman wore for like 5 minutes in the 60s.  She looks angry but if you saw the rest of the costume you’d know why. The other mask is from the TV show and is probably one of the last DC Comics costumes made with these types of masks.

Next up is Wonder Woman and given her position as the number one female superhero, she’s had quite a few versions of masks.

Wonder Woman emotions from A to C! On the top row on the left and right she looks happy. For some reason the one in the middle reminds me of Jennifer Coolidge Stiffler’s mother. 

Who am I kidding they all look SCARY!

Which one would you wear?

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