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Nov 2 '12

McDonalds Once Again Offers Young Justice Toys …

And once again ignores all the female characters. McDonald’s today began a promotion for the CN’s Young Justice. Unfortunately the show is currently on hiatus from the CN schedule and the fact that this promo is now starting is just more evidence of how fast the decision was to temporarily shelve the show.

The show features a number of female superheroes including Artemis, Wonder Girl, Batgirl and Miss Martian. But don’t go looking for them at McDonalds. Superheroes are just for boys and feature boys at McDonalds.

Girls get Littlest Pet Shop toys. And before you start to present your argument of why this isn’t a issue:

1. Yes, there are male Little Pet Shop pets.

2. YJ has a female audience.

3. Boys are happy to play with female characters. The next Happy Meal, Rise of the Guardians, is not broken down by gender and features both male and female characters.

4. The promotions for the Young Justice toys and the Little Pet Shops codes are slightly different:

Only boys on the left; a boy and girl on the left. In other words they specifically assume on a male only demographic for the YJ toy.

If you look back at the promo’s McDonalds did around BTAS female characters were regularly included.

Sad that it isn’t the same today.

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    Has anyone else noticed that...chars are also from Season 1, too? Like… Robin!Dick, not...
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    This may not have been McDonalds… Whoever made the toys marketed them to McDonalds, and DC and CN ultimately own the...
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    I don’t have time for your sexist BS, DC.
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    Seriously? Nice to know they learned ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING from the last time they had YJ toys. I mean, really,...
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    I am still so fucking infuriated over this stupid bullshit. Words cannot convey my rage.
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    rare occasion my mom would take me to McDonalds. I always HATED...would almost always...
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    Stupid. Can’t even blame McDonald’s DC does this with Justice League merchandise constantly. The best fast food promo...
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    I work at McD, and when I saw this the other day, I was very unimpressed. Not only for the fact that there aren’t any...
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    :( If I can’t get a toy of the bad ass women of the Young Justice universe, it cannot truly be called a happy meal O.O
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