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Feb 24 '11

Young Justice, it’s not just for boys!

Except when it is!

Thanks to the tip from “dan” I found out what the next McDonald’s toy promotion is:

You know when Taco Bell did their Marvel kids meal promotion, they did it as a unisex give away. And when they did their DC Comics 75th anniversary giveaway - unisex. And when Marvel did their Iron Man promotion last summer? Unisex. (I have the Black Widow bracelet to prove it). And McDonald’s does unisex giveaways too usually for big summer movies.

But for Young Justice? Nope. No, Artemis. No Miss Martian. No kick-ass Black Canary. Just the boys. All boys. No girl superheroes here.

Nope. It’s Littlest Pet Shop for the girls. And Young Justice for the boys.

I know the producers said “we want boys and girls" as viewers. Well, guys, guess what? I know you don’t control these thing but this promotion really isn’t helping that.

A Young Justice unisex promotion, however, would have.

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  2. swimmiesb reblogged this from albinwonderland and added:
    This is bullshit.
  3. saffronsugar reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass and added:
    I feel bad for not even noticing at first : (
  4. ijustwantsomenachosokay reblogged this from albinwonderland and added:
    not cool.
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    UGH so much fail
  6. sourvixen reblogged this from albinwonderland and added:
    as a parent, i don’t get hung up on what toys go to which sex child. if Cori wants the so-called boys toy, that’s what...
  7. arghasfd reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass and added:
    Yeah seriously, what up with that.
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    Fuck this. Seriously.
  11. captainmeow said: because five year old girls want a super hero action figure. okay.
  12. geeky-panda reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass and added:
    Littlesy pet shop girls toys are lamee. I wish they had those here so I could get Robin and Kid Flash not really upset...
  13. philippos42 reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass and added:
    Ah. Uh. OK, looks like someone wanted a Littlest Pet Shop promotion, then realized that was sooooo girly—I mean, it’s a...
  14. fannybawws said: ugggghh
  15. isaidaspookysnackzelena reblogged this from yeha and added:
    Gonna be honest, I’m pretty damn obsessed with LPS, but STILL, this is pretty fucking sexist.
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  19. ceebee-eebee said: My response can not be expressed via the written word. But it sounds a bit like a really pissed off raccoon attacking a angry badger. Fuck You McDonalds. And Fuck You DC.
  20. crhodey said: Speaking from experience, they probably didn’t have a choice. McDonalds is probably the one that demanded two different sets of toys. A lot of times the creators of the show have as little control over it as the fans do.
  21. withthesecinderedbones reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass and added:
    This is why as a little girl my mom and dad usually had to ask for the boys toys because god damnit I wanted Batman not...
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