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Nov 4 '12

First Look! Katana and the Rest of the Cast of “Beware the Batman”

The newest Batman animated program, Beware the Batman, is set to debut in 2013. To date there’s has been little shown of the program beyond some promotional stills as seen below and a brief video teaser that debuted this past Spring.

But DC has started promoting the show in their kids’ magazine DC Nation and I have a better look at all the characters after the jump.

The magazine is filled with Beware the Batman material including a short comic. It also shows some character studies and profiles of the characters:

Other characters that will be seen include Humpty and Metamorpho. Here’s another look at Katana about whom the producers are quoted saying, “In Katana Batman sees someone who has lost her way and needs some guidance to find the right path.”

and here’s Batman without the costume as Bruce Wayne:

There is also a free comic available for digital download but I couldn’t seem to find it in the DC store.

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    what I’m seeing,...will prove to be good.
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    I miss the Timm-verse. Even...series, non-Timm-verse, later on
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    I have nothing against Katanna. But there is a LONG list of people who could be Batman’s sidekick. Heck, you could use...
  11. d-j-taylor said: It’s so ugly, I miss 90’s cartoon Batman.
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    Oooooh, Professor Pyg! I really liked this villain when he was introduced in the Dick/Damian pre-reboot Batman & Robin...
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    … Alfred? Is that you? *squints*
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    Okay, I’m sorry, I’m not really feeling this! I hope they don’t cancel Young Justice and GL:TAS for this!!!!!
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