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Nov 4 '12

eastwolfstyle asked:

Not really a question but more of a thought; Today I was at McDonalds and there was a mother with her 2 children, her daughter and her son. They both saw the Young Justice toys and both were sad that there weren't any female characters offered. I heard the boy say where was Wonder Woman and the girl ask where Zatanna was. It amazes me that there are still gender bias toys especially when kids will play with whatever they get. Smh -_-

And I saw a little boy who wanted the Littlest Pet Shop toy! Beyond the lack of female superheroes I really hate how you are asked “boy or girl toy” when you order. I wish McDonalds would train people to say what the toy is instead assigning it a gender.

  1. goldenisis said: Its not that McDonalds needs to train people, they need to fix the problem in the marketing themselves. The boxes that toys come in out the back honestly say ‘girls toy - such and such’ or ‘boys toy’. D:
  2. raegasm said: I worked at McDonalds and used to seriously get on my coworkers’ asses if they used the phrase “boy or girl toy.” Got in a lot of arguments but eventually I was able to make a difference. By the time I left no one said it anymore.
  3. rachelevation76 said: Great answer to a great question. Could you make it rebloggable?
  4. truxillogical said: A friend’s daughter almost didn’t get a Star Wars toy b/c the McD’s people said it was a “boys toy.” She didn’t want to call herself a boy, and they wouldn’t give her father SW unless he ordered a “boy’s happy meal.”
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