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Nov 5 '12

DC Announces Katana Series

So the rumors I had heard at NYCC were true! In February DC will be launching a series starring Katana written by Ann Nocenti.

This is only the third ongoing DC Comics title EVER to headline a woman of color so this is indeed good news. 

Nocenti moves off of Green Arrow to pick up Katana and Jeff Lemire moves on. Unfortunately it seems this means DC is back to its female writers only writing female led books. Nocenti is also writing Catwoman and Gail Simone writes Batgirl

Katana, who debuted in the DCU in 1983, seems to be the “hot” female character within DC Entertainment right now after years of being a supporting player. In addition to headlining her own book, she’ll co-star in Geoff Johns’ Justice League of America and be seen in the upcoming “Beware the Batman” animated series. (see more on that here)

DC also announced a new series starring Vibe. And, in what I thought was a joke, 52 Variant covers for the first issue of Justice League of America. Hey, wait Vibe is back? And crazy variants? It IS the 90s again.


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    …I’ll think about it. DC hasn’t made me happy for over a year, this is cheering news but…we’ll see how it works out, if...
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    A WoC gets her own comic!!! YES!!!!
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    Why on earth wouldn’t we count Birds of Prey & World’s Finest, both of which have female leading casts? I mean with them...
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    don’t forget amethyst is the star of sword of sorcery also phantom lady has a mini series and than there is the ame-comi...
  13. themyskira said: Hmmmmm. On the one hand, it’s fantastic that Katana’s getting her own series. On the other hand, Ann Nocenti’s Catwoman is one of the worst-written comics I’ve read in recent times, which doesn’t fill me with confidence.
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    color” apparently doesn’t include Vixen or Steel.
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    A Katana ongoing? Yup, picking it up. I’M GONNA BE BROKE
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