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Nov 7 '12

Comics to Buy This Week, November 7

Not a particularly big week but let’s start with the one I’m look most forward to:

I hope you all are reading this. It’s one of the those few comics I can’t wait to read each month.

I’m not picking up much from DC this week:

I stayed away from Detective after the reboot and followed Snyder to Batman. But now that they have John Layman on the book, I’m going to start picking it up again. His first issue was good, I’m hoping this issue is even better.

i’ve had my concerns about Worlds’ Finest but I just can’t resist Catwoman and Talia’s kids facing off. Hey, DC spins thing their way, I spin things my way.

If you haven’t made the move to digital yet, you can catch up with the really terrific Smallville title by Bryan Q. Miller in floppies this week. And bonus! Bat ears!

The Rot continues in Animal Man #14 PLUS you get more Black Orchid written by Lemire. 

I also recommend giving Colder #1 from Dark Horse a try. It’s a bit on the gory side but Tobin is a good writer.

I’m not getting anything from Marvel this week.

What are you picking up?

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  3. wonderdave said: I just picked up A vs X Consequences and fairest. I also picked up the first Locke and Key in trade as well as Chew in trade. I’ll have to check out stumptown. And I do love me some poison Ivy so maybe detective as well.
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    This week I picked up Avengers Academy, Stormwatch, Earth 2, Worlds Finest, Defenders and Stumptown My shop didn’t have...
  5. torukun1 said: Am I the only one who thinks Poison Ivy’s outfit looks dumb?
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  10. drewtos said: Picked up Animal Man and Swamp Thing this morning. Maybe I should reading this Stumptown.
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