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Feb 26 '11

Chuck Dixon’s script for Birds of Prey #21

So the page. The panel. You know what I’m talking about. The page where Dinah and Babs meet for the first time? The one that was one of the most memorable moments in DC history?

So what did Chuck Dixon’s script for that issue say about the scene? You can read it after the jump.

There’s no date on the script, here’s what it says:

Canary crouches and holds Oracle to her. Oracle is curled in a fetal position and dripping wet. The more drama you can squeeze from this the better. We’re going for The Pieta as opposed to anything that HINTS of the sexual. This scene is apparently RIPE for misinterpretation (or OVERinterpretation.) by some of our readers.
BARBARA: (WEAK) not Oracle…

Is this one of the biggest failures of communication between a writer and artist ever? Dixon’s direction is so specific and so the antithesis to how the scene is viewed it’s amazing.

And I’m confused as to how a scene be “ripe for misinterpretation” if no one has seen it? And if he was concerned about it being misinterpreted why is Guice’s final art so leaning towards innuendo? I’ve mentioned many times my love for Pieta poses. And there have been many in comics through the years. And I’ve never seen one like this:

You can down load the script here.

  1. hugintheraven reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass and added:
    Reminding everyone that even if Dixon disliked the ship, his artists sure didn’t.
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    Oh my God, this is hysterical. The most intense, romantic, sensual panel I’ve ever seen between two characters (queer or...
  4. dealanexmachina reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass and added:
    I like to think the artist just went, FUCK IT, and drew the exact opposite of what Dixon wanted. When it’s love, it’s...
  5. bitethisurl reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass and added:
    oh my god that’s the best miscommunication i’ve ever seen hahaha
  6. thebluefield reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass and added:
    Oh Chuck Dixon. He’s written some stuff I really like (Robin: Year One); if only he wasn’t a giant ass.
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    Srsly he’s my new hero. *___* haha man though i can’t even get over chuckie there, if he gay panics any harder he’s...
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    Dying of lolz.
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    This makes me love this panel even more. STFU, Dixon.
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