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Nov 8 '12

Marvel Announces All-Female Title “The Fearless Defenders”

Just two days ago I (re)posted about how DC and Marvel were both stepping it up with female led books in light of DC’s announcing an ongoing title (and I know there has been some confusion about whether it was a mini, but I’ve confirmed it is an ongoing) for Katana. And, pow, today Marvel announced for February Fearless Defenders, an ongoing headling Valkyrie and Misty Knight and all-female team.

According to writer Cullen Bunn the title:

will chronicle the adventures of the female heroes of the Marvel Universe. There will be a central team of characters that will form over time, but the cast will rotate to some degree from arc to arc. This will be a team like none other in Marvel NOW. I think readers will have a good time speculating on who will be joining this version of the Defenders. The team up of Valkyrie and Misty Knight is probably unexpected for most people, and that’s just one of the surprises I have in store. This will be an offbeat team, and they’ll be facing some bewildering threats.

Let’s face it, ANYTIME MIsty Knight is in a book it is a good thing but Valkyrie and Misty? What a team. 

Earlier this year on the 3 Chicks Review Comics podcast Marjorie Liu revealed that she had pitched an all female team book to Marvel that didn’t get picked up.In September, after Gail Simone revealed she had pitched an all-female team book that also got pass on,  I wrote about the challenges of bringing an all-female book to market and wondered why Marvel struggled here.

But now in one week we have not one but two female led titles from the big two and both headline women of color. I could not be more pleased.

If DC and Marvel keep this up, I might just be able to retire!

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