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Nov 11 '12

My 12 Comic Birthday Wishes!

Today is my birthday and it’s time for here my third annual birthday wishes post. (You can see the other two here and here). Originally an idea stolen from my pal Kelly Thompson, it is now exclusively mine because she has failed to do it for two concurrent years. 

So did I get any of my wishes last year? A few. There is Justice League movie coming. We saw Princeless debut as a great female led independent book. Catwoman was great in The Dark Knight Rises. And DC did add out of continuity digital comics and I got one of my hoped for Oracle commissions from the fabulous Marcus To. And there are more female creators at both DC and Marvel writing ongoings AND more female led books  … so in the words of Catwoman:

But there’s other things, alas, that still need work. Some of which are address below.

So what to wish for this year? Oh, I have a few things.

1. Better treatment for Lois Lane. Seriously, DC what is the matter with you and Lois? Do you know a big budget movie out next year with well known actress in the role? If so why is Lois only being written as the reporter she should be in two books, one of which is a kids’ book? Lois Lane is a reporter. And she’s a damn good one. She doesn’t need Clark Kent to tell her what Journalism means. SHE KNOWS.

So while we are allowing people their Superman/Wonder Woman fantasies can we do something in the meantime? Give Lois something, a mini and ongoing and let Gail Simone write it. And let Marcus To or Cliff Chiang draw it. Make her smart. Make her aggressive. Make her a JOURNALIST. Here’s some Kate Beaton as inspiration:

2. It’s great to see that digital is growing as incremental business and doesn’t seem to hurt floppy sales. And I love the new out-of-continuity comics like Smallville, and LiL’ Gotham and Ame-Comi Girls. I wish, however, there were more female creators on them. And I also wish I could get a subscription model with discounts? DC I also wish you’d let comics be downloadable in the morning East Coast time. The floppies hit the stands overseas early enough that I have spoilers before I have my coffee. Also I’m still waiting for an all-you-can eat subscription for back issues ala Marvel.

3. Pleaseletthewonderwomantvpilotbegood. 

4. Also DC I wish you would please consider getting rid of the backstory you gave the Amazons in Wonder Woman. I’d really like to read that book again. The revelation added absolutely nothing to the story from what I’ve been told. You can keep the new origin. Deal?

5. I wish for new trade editions of Batgirl:Year One, all the Stephanie Brown as Batgirl volumes, and the Secret Six. Also thanks for your complete collections of No Mans Land. Please do the same for Ostrander’s Suicide Squad and Gotham Knights

6. I wish DC, or rather the person at DC driving these decisions, would stop the erasure of Stephanie Brown from the DC Universe. I can understand if you don’t want her to appear in the new 52 (for now, right?) but changing hair colors in out-of-continuity stories at the last minute to eradicate any thought by readers that she exists is a level of pettiness that isn’t becoming a professional company your size or the publishing arm of a publicly traded company. It’s getting weird. Seriously.

7. A commission of Wonder Woman by Darwyn Cooke. Wait, make that of Canary and Wonder Woman together.

8. A female artist on Detective or Batman. Really, one issue in 73 years

9. A Super Best Friends Forever half hour show or all ages comic. At this point I’ll take just SEEING the rest of the shorts. (Also I wish for these figures in a Happy Meal.)

10. I know this is going to be like when I put a pony on my Christmas list each year but once again I wish for a Stephanie Brown/Cass Cain team-up. 

11. I also wish for a continued effort by the big two on representation in comics. This past week was good work DC and Marvel. Please keep it up.

12. And finally, once again, my wish is a thank you to everyone who reads this blog (well mostly everybody). This has been a tough year for me personally and so many times the supportive things folks have left as comments or emails or Tweets have lifted me. I am thrilled there are so many people who share the view that comics should be for everybody and reflect the world.  I do believe things are changing. There have been signs of it in just the last few days. But there is still work to do. I don’t know if I’ll be play a part along the entire journey but it makes me happy to know that so many others will.

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