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DC Women Kicking Ass

Thoughts, pictures, reviews and other stuff about the women in comics who kick ass. This is a feminist site. Deal with it.
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Nov 12 '12

Here Are Your Kick Ass Tournament Final Four; Your Chance to Support Your Favorite!

Friday was an incredibly close match. It seemed that each hour the lead switched. But in the end by just a few votes Dinah Laurel Lance won her match over last year’s champ Cass Cain. With that match decided the final four have been decided and they are:

Barbara Gordon!

Dinah Laurel Lance, Black Canary!

Stephanie Brown!

Wonder Woman!

So here’s the how the tourney will run this week. On Tuesday and Wednesday we will have the semi-final matches. Tomorrow and Wednesday I want to run essays that will pitch the case for each finalist (as I did last year!)  If you want to do a post please let me know and what character you are interested in doing and a link to anything you’ve written before. I need to know today as I need to post the first one tomorrow!

The semi-finals are Thursday and Friday and on Monday we’ll vote for the 2012 Most Kick-Ass DC Woman!

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  11. flannel-man said: Stephanie Brown beat Cassandra Cain? That’s a little ridiculous…
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    my three, Renee, Donna and Kate all lost in the previous round, but I love everyone in the final four. this is like...
  19. thatsxeyawesomeness said: BLACK CANARY FTW! I would have written an essay on why but I have so many assignments due. But trust me on this. The one dc woman who can kick ass is BC.
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    What! No Kate Kane? Pfft. Whatever.
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    Dear lord with this final four this must be like when a parent is asked to pick their favorite child…
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    This whole competition has been with characters I love and adore, and these final four?! Some of my absolute...
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