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Nov 14 '12

Comics to Buy This Week, November 14

There’s so much to buy today! 

Let’s start with a new issue of the book I can’t stop telling you to read:

Kelly and I did a first look review on the 3 Chicks’ podcast this week and it’s terrific. Saga is going to be on my top 10 this year probably in my top two. Go read this and pick up the trade of the first six issues here

Also this week is the first issue of Locke & Key: Omega. I usually trade wait this but I don’t think I can wait this time. If you haven’t read this horror series by Joe Hill, I highly recommend it. The first issues are in trade and if you want a weekend of comic binging Locke & Key is an excellent choice.

And on to DC for Batman and Death of the Family and I hope that’s a metaphor and that the rumored demised of the mustached members of the extended Bat-clan are just rumours.

Again, Capullo is killing it on these covers.

I’m going to miss Cornell on this book

But at least he’s still on this. 

And for those of you who don’t do the digital comics (although with DC now putting comics on the Kindle and Nook that may mean few of you soon) here’s the second collection of Ame-Comi girls. This is the Batgirl arc with art by Sanford Greene and it is very fun.

And now on to Marvel. Marvel is having this NOW thing which is not a reboot but is supposed to make it easier for new readers. So here’s a few I’m picking up:

It’s Kelly Sue and Jessica Drew and that really should be enough for you!

I’ve love Fraction’s Hawkeye, so I’m also giving this book a shot. Bagley’s not been one of my favorite artists in the past; perhaps this will be different.

Over the weekend I re-read my collection of Marvel Origins including the original X-Men just in time for them to come back again through the power of Time Travel and BENDIS!

I’m also picking up Red She-Hulk. The first issue needed more She-Hulk and it looks like this issue delivers.

That’s A LOT of Marvel!

I also want to put in a plug for Conan the Barbarian by Brian Wood. This has been a great series to date and you can jump on here with issue #10. I wish the trade was available sooner than January to let you catch up but if you have any money left this week give it a try!

Okay, I’m pretty broke.

What’s on your list? What did I miss?

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    Saga is definitely one of my favorite comics out right now. And yay All New X-Men!
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    Always reblog Saga.
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