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DC Women Kicking Ass

Thoughts, pictures, reviews and other stuff about the women in comics who kick ass. This is a feminist site. Deal with it.
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Nov 15 '12

Kick Ass DC Woman Tourney: Semi-Final Match One

Just three more matches! Today we have the first match to decide which DC woman goes to the finals. I hope you all had a chance to read the wonderful essays that made the case as to why each woman should win. Each time I read one I changed my mind. It’s wonderful that there is such passion for a variety of female characters in DC comics.

Before we get to today’s match some housekeeping. First, I am leaving voting open until 9PM EST tonight. Secondly, please remember that there is one vote per person. 

And it’s on!

In this corner a woman who, according to the post making the case for her, is 

Wonder Woman is extremely versatile. She’s a wise diplomat, but she’s also a fierce warrior. She’s a princess from a mythical world, but she also has a human identity with the mundanity that entails. She’s the most kind and loving person on the planet, but she will also destroy you if she has to. She regularly saves the entire universe, but she’ll also take the time to help out a tearful child. In the realm of superheroes, no matter the scope of the problem, whether it requires the utmost delicacy or the most brutal ferocity, whether it’s an advanced society or a creature of pure savagery, whether it’s better to talk or it’s better to fight, Wonder Woman is ALWAYS the best person for the job.

And in the other corner a woman who, according the the essay saying why she would win, states:

The fact that she’s able to win that fight against her own doubts – without the darkness and brooding so common among her fellow superheroes – is precisely what makes Stephanie so unique … and so powerful. It’s not just that Steph is determined. It’s that, more than any other superhero, Stephanie Brown is able to get out of her own way and strive to be the kind of hero, the kind of person, that she really wants to be. The fact that she can do it with her senses of fun and of humor intact is, undeniably, a superpower in its own right. One that even us ordinary, non-superpowered folks can all aspire to have. 

You can vote in today’s match here

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    C’mon guys, a Vote for Stephanie is a Vote for “Suck It, DC Editorial!”
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    … GO VOTE FOR DIANA! She is currently LOSING and as much as I love Steph this just can’t! -explodes-
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    Gah. Hard choices. >_< Wondy’s awesome, but Steph’s my favorite.
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    Vote Steph!!!
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    I love ya, Steph....see a properly done re-intro in...New...
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    As much as I love Steph, it is a TRAVESTY that Wonder Woman is not winning this.
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    Oh my god i’m dying, my two absolute favourite characters ever. Steph was my favourite hero before the reboot and she...
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    All aboard the Steph train!
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    I love Wondy, but Steph has my heart forever. VOTE STEPH!
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    Steph vs. Wonder Woman Go Steph! Go!
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    Go, Steph, GO!
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