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Nov 18 '12

Teaser for Teen Titans Go Debuts; Hope for Young Justice to Return?

The sudden and still not explained decision of Cartoon Network to pull original episodes of DC Nation off the air in October had some fans wondering when and if they would see new episodes of Young Justice return to television. Concerns mounted when DC solicits for February showed the cancellation of the tie-in comic. Yesterday, however, CN posted a teaser for their upcoming Teen Titans show stating: 

don’t miss all new episodes of Green Lantern: The Animated Series, Young Justice, and new animated shorts when DC Nation returns to Cartoon Network in January!
So there is some hope that the show will return although it is not clear how DC Nation handle having four half hour shows with Teen Titans Go and Beware the Batman also debuting in 2013.
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    Okay I love Teen Titans, but seriously, how do you make a show out of this shit? (The shorts I mean.)
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    My guess is that the CN suits decided to hold the remaining GL and YJ episodes until January so that there will be no...
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    This one is for boifran and Giulia :’D
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