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DC Women Kicking Ass

Thoughts, pictures, reviews and other stuff about the women in comics who kick ass. This is a feminist site. Deal with it.
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Nov 18 '12

One More Match to decide the Most Kick Ass DC Woman

The finalists have been decided by you the voters. On Friday Dinah Laurel Lance won her match by just 7 votes to join Stephanie Brown in the finals.

This finalists survived four other matches to get here leaving 30 other characters in their wake.

They are both terrific characters.

I am saddened, however, that this tournament and particularly the semi-finals was filled with a number of negative campaigns against characters. There were posts asking that characters not be voted for or suggesting or requesting that characters be voted to ensure that another would lose to “send a message”.

I created this contest to celebrate the kick ass female characters in DC Comics. And I’ve enjoyed for the past three years the excitement and competitive spirit of the tournament. 

I do not like the negative tone that some people have given it this year. 

As you vote in the finals please remember that this contest is designed to identify the DC woman who most personifies the concept of kicking ass.

There are two excellent essays that explain why each finalist deserves to win:

Stephanie Brown’s is here; Dinah Lances’ is here

And if you ever wondered if the two characters appeared together, here you go:

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    Agreed. This is my first year paying attention to the Kick Ass tournament, and I’m flabbergasted by the way people...
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    Agreed; either Steph or Dinah would be an excellent choice. But the thought of people campaigning against Diana — that...
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    Oh man, I will not be sad if either character wins. This rocks.
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    You heard the woman. Vote for your favorite…but play nice.
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    Word. I don’t really get using this tourney to “send a message”, anyway. I mean, I seriously doubt anyone at DC is...
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  14. ceebee-eebee said: Awww. I am guilty of negative comments. I apologize.
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    Dinah Dinah Dinah Dinah Dinah Dinah Dinah Dinah Dinah Dinah Dinah Dinah Dinah
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    Seriously, guys? Don’t female comic characters get enough crap without us tearing one down to hold up another? That’s...
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