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Nov 18 '12

corey-turner asked:

Does it bother you that unlike the other two pieces of the Trinity, Wonder Woman has one book, her own, amongst the 52 published by DC? Superman is about toget ANOTHER and Batman already has quite a lot. What sort of titles would you like to see fall under a Wonder Woman umberella? Wonder-Girl? Donna Troy? A team of Amazons?

While I’d love see a book with Wonder Woman leading and training a team of younger female heroes, I don’t think there will be another Wonder Woman book anytime soon. I suspect we’ll see the character pulled into more of the Superman books for now.

  1. ebbywaffle said: No no dcwka, lie to me. I DON’T WANT THAT TO HAPPEN LIE TO ME
  2. themyskira said: I’d like to see one good Wonder Woman book before we get a second. Azzarello’s a talented writer, but he’s fucked up Wondy something terrible.
  3. the-lord-is-my-coelacanth said: An Amazonian team-up book makes me so excited to think about. ‘Scuse me while I go write it. Even though it will never be published.
  4. georgethecat said: Superman/Wonder Woman… My most loathed pairing…
  5. earthshaker1217 said: I would get life from that!
  6. great-name-leto said: It’s indicative of larger problem that DC has no idea what to do with Wonder Woman.
  7. dcwomenkickingass posted this
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