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Nov 19 '12

Black Bat Eaglemoss Chess Piece Ready to Order

When Eaglemoss unveiled the final line-up for its Batman chess set, there were a few pieces that I anticipated changing before finalized. After all the line-up had already changed once removing Stephanie Brown and Oracle. One of those pieces, however, is still a reality

At that time I thought it was good news for the character. Now? Who knows. Although the character DID appear in Lil’ Gotham this week (unlike her blonde friend and fellow former Batgirl who did not).

Hmm, maybe someday we’ll see that book Billy Tucci was working on … supposedly.

Order the Black Bat chess piece here (Batwoman, Huntress and Katana too!)

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    OMG and i love marcus to’s cass so much T_T
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    Tempting as it may be, the shipping (for Australia, at least) is PAINFUL. T.T Knowing me, though, I’ll probably get it...
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