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Nov 20 '12

Bleeding Cool Names the Comics Power 100; What Women Made the List?

It’s an interesting idea - who are the 100 people who have the power today in the comic industry. Lists like these make for endless debates and the one that Bleeding Cool has come up with will be no exception. In the foreword to the list, Johnson states:

how do you define power in the comics industry? The ability to hire and fire? The ability to commission a comic – or stop it from happening? The ability to create a comic – and then make it sell? The ability to influence the work and work practices of others?

Yesterday in USA Today it was revealed that the top person on the list is Jim Lee, artist and co-publisher of DC Comics. The rest of the top 10 and it includes Marvel’s Ike Perlmutter as well as Dan DiDio and Geoff Johns.

But, you may ask, given the focus of this blog, are there any women on the list?

There are … but very few coming in at less than 10% of the list. In fact, the top ranked woman barely makes the top third of the list. But it is, in my opinion, a logical choice.

The top ranked woman, at #29, is Diane Nelson, head of DC Entertainment.

After that the list gets … interesting. There is just one female creator on the list. Not from DC, not from Marvel … or Image or IDW or Dark Horse. And that may say in itself something about women and the current comics industry. Who is it? Kate Beaton. 

Johnson says in the piece he’s aware of the lack of women and preponderance of white males, stating the list:

an attempt to be honest and reflective about what the comic book industry is, rather than what we might like it to be.

Diane Nelson isn’t the only woman from DC on the list; she’s joined by two others. But there are no women from Marvel.

No surprise, I have my thoughts on who should be on it who isn’t there. And I shall give them. The list is in the first issue of the Bleeding Cool magazine out tomorrow and I’ll be back with some additions soon after. But tell me if you made a list what women would you include?

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    And then I forgot that “power” is not the same thing as “talent”. Suddenly the lack of women on this list makes sense.
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    I suppose I’m always a little wary of the “I know it’s all white dudes, but it’s an accurate representation!” argument....
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    Read More Gail Simone, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Amanda Conner, Colleen Duran, Renae DeLiz, Felicia Day…The
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    The sad thing is that I would love to write for these characters, but I wouldn’t want to write for the companies that...
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