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Nov 21 '12

What I’m Thankful for This Year

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the states and it is a day we give thanks. For the last few years I’ve used the day before Thanksgiving to list the things in comics I’m thankful for. This was a year where there were things I definitely wasn’t thankful for in comics. But I am not going to reiterate them here. Instead I am going to exert POSITIVITY! and talk about some stuff I’m thankful for:

Digital Comics in the morning! I asked for DC Comics to make digital comics available first thing in the morning just a while ago in my birthday wishes. And they granted it! See I knew you didn’t really really hate me, DC!

Artists who will never show up on Escher Girls! Thank you Marcus To, Cliff Chiang, David Aja, Nicola Scott, J.H. Williams III, Amy Reeder, Becky Cloonan, Fiona Staples, Jesus Saiz, Mikel Janin, Mahmud Asrar, Matthew Southworth, Dustin Nguyen, Lee Garbett, Chris Burnham, Aaron Lopresti and others who I’m sure I’ll remember soon after I post this. 

Saga! How many times can I promote this book? MANY TIMES. Just go read it.

Ladies writing about comics - It’s so great to have a sorority of women who have a passion about comics. Thanks Heidi MacDonald, Susana Polo, Jill Pantozzi, Corinna Lawson, Kelly Thompson, Laura Johnson, Vaneta Rogers, Sara Lima, Lisa Fortuner, Vanessa Gabriel, Erika Peterman, the Fantastic Fangirls and others.

Greg Rucka. Because he says the things that need to be said. Plus he writes good comics.

New Ladies in comics!  Captain Marvel! Amethyst! Sif! Red She-Hulk! Worlds’ Finest! Ghost! Dex Parios! Welcome or Welcome back! And thanks for the ones that are still around including Batwoman. 

Catwoman and Black Widow! I took my 13 year old daughter to see both The Dark Knight Rises and Avengers this year and she walked out wanting to know about these kick ass women. So thank you Hollywood for giving us superheroes that girls can want to be too.

Kickstarter! I can spend money to make the projects I want to read happen like Gail Simone’s. Women have the power of the pocket book and Kickstarter enables us to exert that power in comics.

You! I am truly thankful that there are so many people share the passion I have for great female characters and a vision where everyone can have an equal seat at the superhero comic table. Thanks for reading, commenting, Tweeting, sending your wonderful pictures into Girls Love SuperheroesThis Moments and Women Read Comics, for voting in the kick ass contest and listening to the podcast.

The great thing about comics is that there is almost always a new story, a new day, a new chance, a new editor, a new writer, a new artist, a new costume, a new editorial direction so if you wait awhile you might get something you’ll be thankful for too! I like what Graeme McMillan of ‘Rama said on Twitter about what he’s thankful in comics:

Imagination, humor and a medium that constantly surprises even when I’m feeling cynical about everything.

Amen and pass the potatoes. Have a great day!
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