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Nov 27 '12

Meet Your (Possibly) New Batman in the Justice League Movie

Warner Bros. is pushing hard to get a Justice League movie to the screen. Yesterday reports had Zack Snyder suggesting that his upcoming Man of Steel will likely tie into the movie. Makes sense. Cavill took time to find and money has been poured into the movie. Unless the studios screenings are awful (and that doesn’t seem to be the case) he’ll be Superman.

But what of Batman? Warner Bros. just came off a hugely successful trilogy with Christian Bale as the Dark Knight. But it’s long been known he won’t be back and the studio plans to reboot the series.

But who will play Batman? Rumors had Armie Hammer, once cast in George Miller’s planned Justice League movie, once again winning the role.

But today comes another report. And it is both surprising and makes total sense. Will fans will like it? I think its going to be divisive.

Who is it?

If you’ve seen the movie, you know why. HitFlix has the full report.

Smart. Keep the Nolan verse. Young actor able to handle a new franchise. 

But will the movie going public accept a non-Bruce Wayne Batman?

Will comic fans?

And lastly does this mean that those pictures of Clavill and Gina Carano should now be not dismissed so quickly.

Well I hope so. But that’s because Carano isn’t a good actress; not because I don’t want to see Wonder Woman. 

However, if the Levitt rumor is true it means that the Justice League movie may be get a teaser at the end of Man of Steel. And it would be silly at this point to totally dismiss it may be one of the full Trinity.

So, is JGL your Batman?

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    Ope. Guess it is real!
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    While I definitely don’t mind a non-Bruce Batman and really liked JGL I would rather have a Batman in the Justice League...
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    Honestly? I guess? Maybe? The gut reaction is a pretty noncommital “eh”.
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    Hmm…I’m not sure how I feel about this, if true.
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    I don’t know. Adding John Blake at the end of TDKR seemed like a great set-up for more Batmans, but Nolan has said time...
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    Wow, you managed to say every single opinion I had on this subject so perfectly.
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    vicerally hate everything about all...just stop making movies. Period. Just stop. You’re...
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    haven’t read either of the readmores, because i heard the news last night and i’m not terribly interested in spoilers,...
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    I’m not happy. If they were going to do a non-Bruce Wayne Batman than it should have been Dick Grayson.
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    I am officially giving zero fucks about this news or ANY news about a Justice League movie until the first day it...
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    fucking awesome if...time he was Dick Grayson.
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    I am not conflicted at all about this. I already learned to take everything that DC is involved in right now and pretend...
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