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Nov 29 '12

thundergodinthedigitalage asked:

And what are your concerns? That somebody who made a joke you don't approve of might make a film? I'm sorry, I want to support equality, but the concept that anything that doesn't follow your doctrine isn't allowed is the opposite of that. Go tell a joke that belittles men, see if anybody really cares. Focusing on things that don't matter really distracts from our important issues.

I assume you are referring to the post outlining the incredibly tasteless, misogynistic and homophobic remarks that James Gunn, director of the Marvel’s upcoming movie made? 

My concern is that a movie will be made by Disney, a company I hold stock in, by a man who would use tasteless, misogynistic and homophobic language without, it appears, any concern. Well, until people found it and called him out. Then he tried to hide it.

Additionally I’m not sure what your statement “I want to support equality” has to do with anything. And your definition of equality is … not really resembling anything close to logic. 

While you don’t think concern about the use of sexist and homophobic language by public figures aren’t important issues, you might be surprised to find out others do.

In fact, I think you’ll be finding out pretty fast.

  1. missjonte said: You also need to have a talk about what White Male Privilege is. That would’ve ended this a while ago. ’ well its just a joke’. It always is.
  2. shadow-hikari said: Lolol. I’m sorry Sue. I kind of tuned this out because I noticed the typical “I’m sorry but..” (aka “I’m not X but…) with the additional “tell a joke about (privileged group) see who cares”/ “focus your energy better”. Do they get that it matters?
  3. indigoswankster said: I thought you should know, you put a double negative near the end of this post.
  4. silvanoir said: I, as a woman, am not keen on “jokes” that are threatening to women. I’m guessing I’m not alone on that
  5. hayvock said: Well shit Clint Eastwood trashed my president during the election season. Should I boycott all his work?? No I won’t because his personal opinions are his own and don’t reflect his professional work.
  6. grahamburglar said: James Gunn is both writing and directing the movie — meaning it *will* reflect all his opinions. Neither Disney or Marvel have ever supported misogyny or homophobia, it’s not part of their vision. But it’s clearly part of James Gunn’s vision.
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