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Nov 29 '12

thundergodinthedigitalage asked:

What's wrong with a "tasteless, misogynistic and homophobic" remark when it's written in a context that is CLEARLY intended to be humorous? I mean, I understand that you don't find it funny. In fact, after reading that article, I don't find it funny either. But I don't understand why a joke that offends someone is implicitly a bad thing. I'm a Catholic, and I think a lot of the jokes about Catholic Priests are HILARIOUS. They're just jokes. They don't represent me or my culture. Just jokes.

Since when did the claim of “satire” become a catch all for excusing hateful language? Do you understand the concept of “turning” a lesbian by force isn’t funny in any context? I find it incredibly sad when people use humor as a handwave to say anything they want without being held responsible for it. Every single day people who aren’t straight white males are barraged with insults on their race, their gender, their sexual orientation. Every single fucking day. Even the president. 

Can you make jokes about race? Sure Richard Pryor and Chris Rock have done a great job. Can you make jokes about gender? Sure lots of comedians do.  Can you do satire that includes both? Yes. But this wasn’t satire. This was pretty much exactly what gets said in the places like 4chan every day. And in forums. And comments on stories covering this. Oh and another thing. Satire is smart, it adds dimension and brings critical thinking. This spewing of puerile dudebro trash talk isn’t satire. It’s just sexist, homophobic trash talk. So if somebody wants to post and talk that way, that’s their right. But it is also the right of people who are fucking sick of listening to it to express their disgust and anger. Freedom of speech goes both ways. You get the freedom to say what you want; I get the freedom to rip you a new one for saying it. 

  1. saltybottomboy said: Straight white cis men*.
  2. strikerostwinner said: This post deserves all the fucking applause because this is exactly how I feel about people using ‘satire’ as a poorly disguised veil at puerile comments.
  3. kattheghosthunter said: make this rebloggable?
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