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Mar 7 '11

Happy birthday, Cully Hamner!

Cully is a great guy and today is his birthday. Among his work is the series Red, the basis for the recent movie, and the art on the Question back-up in Detective Comics. He’s drawn a lot of kick-ass DC women, and here’s a look at some of them.

I’ll start with this piece which Cully drew for me at NYCC.

Oracle/Barbara Gordon




Donna Troy



Mary Marvel

Wonder Woman

Helena Bertinelli/The Huntress wearing Cully’s great costume redesign.

And, finally, the cast of the Question. Have a great day Cully!

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    This guy’s art is amazing loved the Question backup
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  8. hivemindcomics said: Happy Birthday Mr Hamner!
  9. seanaf said: They’re all awesome. I’ve been loving his work on Blue Beetle that I recently started reading and I just ordered Pipeline yesterday and was excited to see that he did the art for it ^__^
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