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Dec 2 '12

teantacles asked:

Wait wait wait. Why is it okay that Cheetah references all the old versions of the character, but not when Huntress does it? Helena went from Wayne, to Bertinelli, to now Wayne again, and they threw a shoutout to Bertinelli Helena at the end of her miniseries. I'm generally curious, what makes one okay but the other?

I don’t see the comparison at all. The Cheetah is a supporting character for Wonder Woman. She never had her own mini-series and never appeared in an ongoing title. She had two IDs pre-Crisis and one post Crisis (Barbara Minerva).

Helena Bertinelli appeared consistently in comics for 25 years (as opposed to Helena Wayne who appeared for 9 years) She was a co-lead in Birds of Prey and had multiple mini-series devoted to her as well as appearing in several major Batman arcs. 

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