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Dec 2 '12

ifharleyquinnhadablog asked:

How do you feel about how they portray Dinah and now Helena in CW's 'Arrow'? I'm not quite ready to pass verdict on Helena, but Dinah doesn't feel like Dinah to me. :/ Thoughts?

This Dinah doesn’t feel like the comic book Dinah to me. But it’s still early. I a little underwhelmed with the presentation of Huntress. Perhaps that will get better in another episode.

  1. theclosetvigilante said: I’m not happy with the portrayal of either character. I wish they would have made SOMEBODY on set read the comics.
  2. ciroimmobiles said: Dinah’s so mopey and boring it’s pathetic. She’s not Dinah, she’s ‘Laurel’. So underwhelming. And sort of awful.
  3. breakyoursoulapart said: I am unable to watch Arrow. Total garbage to me.
  4. dcwomenkickingass posted this
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