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Dec 2 '12

emeraldnight asked:

Why do you think DC is playing both sides against the middle with superman? In superman 14, Lois is the most Amazing woman he has ever met, and yet, we have him kissing Diana in JL. Do they not get how horrible everyone looks? And why do you think wonder woman's books are excepted from this crap?

I think Superman is experiencing from a lack of a cohesive vision at DC, to be honest. Not exactly the best thing for a character at the center of a big upcoming movie. The Superman title has suffered from editorial meddling of the likes I haven’t heard in a long while and is now in the hands of a writer who tends to get lost mid plot. Action, like all all Grant Morrison books, reflects a writer who pretty much does what he wants. You then have Superman being written in yet another way by Geoff Johns in Justice League. In the middle of this there is this editorially mandated romance of Superman and Wonder Woman while Lois Lane ends up a character who no one can quite agree who she should be or what role she should play other than “Lois Lane”, somebody who works with Clark Kent. It’s a bit fusterclucky.

That said I have very high hopes that Andy Diggle, the new writer on Action and Scott Snyder, who will be launching Man of Steel, will make this situation better. 

As far as Wonder Woman, I assume Azzarello told DC he didn’t want the Superman/Wonder Woman romance in his book. I have my issues with Azz but if so, good for him.

  1. whengrumblrsattack said: After reading so many reviews of Action, Superman, and JL, I’m glad I’d didn’t read anything after the first issues. However, “fusterclucky” is now permanently in my vocab. Thanks for that =)
  2. dcwomenkickingass posted this
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