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Dec 2 '12

nykyos asked:

Wait, they 52'd and mainstreamed Constantine?

The Vertigo Constantine ceases to exist in February with the cancellation of Hellblazer. There will be a new book, Constantine, launching as part of the new 52 featuring the character introduced in Justice League Dark, in March.

  1. fightwing23 said: People are going to needlessly freak out over nothing. If you don’t want to read the DC!Constantine comics.FINE!,but don’t try to bring down people who would like those comics and like the character from JLDark.
  2. themyskira said: If they try to introduce a rebooted version of the Endless in the New 52 as well, I will cry.
  3. grimmroads said: I disapprove of the whitewashing of Constantine so much… >.>
  4. sideshowcomics said: This sucks :/
  5. kaza999 said: That…is weird. And bad.
  6. whengrumblrsattack said: They’re pretty much taken everyone back, haven’t they? Xanadu, Swamp Thing, Tim Hunter/Books of Magic…is there anyone left in the Vertigo U that had/has a DCU counterpart?
  7. josephinemaria said: WHAAATTT
  8. the-supremeking said: Daaaamn! That’s bad news. I love Vertigo Constantine.
  9. judgetexas said: 52 is a verb now? Makes sense
  10. ayellowbirds said: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  11. mydebutnovelisoutnow said: *cries*
  12. dcwomenkickingass posted this
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