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Dec 3 '12

New Man of Steel Poster Image Revealed

There’s just 10 more days until the new full length trailer for Man of Steel shows up in theaters and today on The Dark Knight Rises Facebook page they revealed a new image of Henry Cavill as Superman … doing the perp walk.

What do you think?

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    The poster has a dope concept, but there’re just a bunch of other things I dont like about the movie.
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    Gettin’ ready!
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    Yep. Saw those. ;)
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    Superman is all lizardy. Cuz the problems with the last movie was the costume.
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    Which BTW, they have all of Season one of “Lois and Clark” up on...
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    where the fuck is his red underwear
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    Ugh…. I just…. he’s got the face for it, sure, and he might make a good Superman, but he just doesn’t feel like Clark to...
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