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Dec 5 '12

Let’s Give ‘Em A Kick Ass Holiday! Twelve Days of Giving!

One of my favorite organizations is Toys for Tots. If you aren’t familiar with them you can check out their history here. It’s a straight forward charity - they give toys to kids who otherwise wouldn’t get any for the holidays. I’ve supported them for years and many years ago some of my extended family benefited from them.

So this year I’m going to support them again and I am going to ask you to support them too. AND to make it even more enticing for you I’m going to enter everyone who donates into a raffle to win some great gifts.

Here’s the deal. For each of the next 12 days I’m going to post a gift. You can get a chance to win all 12 by making a donation to Toys for Tots and sending me either a receipt (for cash donations made by credit card) or a picture of you dropping a toy in a donation box. 

You can enter up to three times but you need one of the above for each entry. So for one entry you need a receipt of a cash donation or you need a picture of toy being placed in the donation box. (Only the toy being put in the box must be shown)

Here’s the link for cash donations.Mail your receipt or pictures to and make sure you put Toys For Tots entry in the subject line. Do not use the submit on Tumblr please.

Twelve Days from now I’ll pick a grand gift winner and one runner up and you prizes will be shipped to you.

Feel free to drop me any question.

I’ve donated some of the prizes and there are some donated by others including comics autographed by you favorite writers and artists. 

And to start things off, here’s the first gift for the winner, your choice of:


a Superman or Robin Junior Caped Shirt donated by Superhero Den  who is also giving all DCWKA readers a 10% discount on your holiday order, use DCWKA10.

I’ll be back tomorrow with another prize. And anyone interested in contributing a prize can drop me a note. Thanks!

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    And here is where DCWKA KICKS ASS! Toys for Tots is a fantastic charity & one I’ve supported over the years, as well....
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    Donations to Toys For Tots (the actual toys) end sooner than some people think since they need time to wrap the gifts,...
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  14. therearecertainshadesoflimelight said: I need that Supershirt. I donate to Toys for Tots every year and already made one donation. I should make some more though.
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