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Dec 7 '12

DC to Publish Starfire One-Shot

I was very excited to read that DC is having Joe Keatinge, the writer who is finishing up a terrific run on Image’s Glory, do a one-shot under the banner of DC Universe Presents starring Starfire. Keatinge in cojunction with Ross Campbell presented a Glory that was kick ass and built like a brick shithouse. 

Imagine what a good writer like Keatinge could do for Kory?

But then I saw the artwork. And I lost my enthusiasm. Sook is an AMAZING artist. And I know that Kori’s costume is skimpy but … come one.

Hawkeye Initiative - this is a job for you!

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    I’m still picking this up. The costume is a problem, but Starfire’s costume is usually revealing. I’d rather a skimpy...
  3. enyo-war-goddess reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass and added:
    Thankfully he is only doing the cover but I am really looking foward reading Kory written by someone else
  4. amedyr reblogged this from dcwomenkickingass and added:
    Ask and ye shall receive (WIP)
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    I haven’t figured out what I feel about this costume (and have actually been called a slut before for my own skimpy...
  6. sniperdean reblogged this from kirakirastella and added:
    Sook didn’t even design that costume, so how is it his fault?I think that outfit sucks too but at least she’s drawn well...
  7. kingburgerking reblogged this from hokuto-ju-no-ken and added:
    “(Spoilers: If you replaced Starfire with a energy-wielding male in the same pose and outfit it wouldn’t be that...
  8. hokuto-ju-no-ken reblogged this from kirakirastella and added:
    Not seeing what’s wrong exactly aside from the skimpy outfit. And I think the Hawkeye Initiative and its fans are kind...
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    god this blog needs to shut up.
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    I actually don’t like the pose, at leas from the waist down, because of the way her knees are cocked together (pretty...
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  13. silvanoir reblogged this from thanosisabutt and added:
    The pose is fine. She’s flying through the air and the emphasis is on her muscles and she looks very much in proportion...
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    I’m on it
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    *u* uguu
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    Em’s knows her stuff. This is actually one of the few new 52 shots of Kori I actually like.
  19. frederickchiltron reblogged this from smalldoll and added:
    Gonna agree with the doll up there, it’s her costume and the pose is reasonable.
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