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Dec 19 '12

Comics to buy this week, December 19

So many comics to buy this week. Sooo many. Here’s some you may want to pick up including three that are definitely on my best of 2012 list.

Alana is in my top 10 of favorite female characters. Another terrific issue.

After a few issues off, Aja is back on art. If you aren’t reading this, it’s the perfect issue to jump in.

And now on to the home team:

This issue is all Maggie Sawyer. Trevor McCarthy’s art is settling in nicely to this book.

This issue is the prelude to Katana getting her own book. It was nice to see some of the beats from previous runs of BoP in this issue. Oh, and Starling.

I’m still processing this one. 

Amethyst learns more about her past and her destiny and her family.

And on to more Marvel

The first issue of this was an absolute blast (Kelly and I review it on 3 Chicks #47 if you want to hear why). Can’t wait for this one.

I have we have more Monica Rambeau busting Carol’s chops about taking the title. 

Another Marvel Now that was an absolute blast. Still time to jump onto this one.

I like this book but I can’t help but think it should be $2.99.

Also here’s a first issue to give a try to (there’s also a zero issue but you’ll be able to jump in on this one.) I am a sucker for post-Apocalyptic stories and this one was quite good. Give a try.

That’s it and isn’t it nice for comics to make me broke before the holidays?

What’s on your list? What did I miss? 

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