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Dec 21 '12

DC Announces New Writer on Batgirl

DC announced today that following two fill-in issues beginning with issue 19 DC will turn the reigns of the bestelling book over to another writer, Gail Simone.

Simone has a long history with the character having written her for over 50 issues of volume one of Birds of Prey, again in a second volume of Birds of Prey and then launching a new version of the character in the new 52.

Simone’s last gig was as writer of said Batgirl. She was dismissed by email by the company two weeks ago. The move caused an huge outpouring of concern with from reader and fans.

Today the writer announced she was back:


As I wrote when the dismissal was announced, it was a sign to be concerned of the direction DC was taking. Simone was the longest running female creator in an already small club at the publisher. Additionally Simone was a loud voice for positive portrayals of women, people of color and LGBQT characters at DC. She had an important seat at the table and it was disconcerting to see the person at that seat dismissed without, it seemed, concern. Let alone by in a highly shitty way via email.

When DC announced the new 52 and the highly controversial decision to reverse their long standing commitment to having Barbara Gordon as one of the few physically challenged heroes in comics, they mitigated it by having Simone write the book.

The book sold better than many of the relaunched books featuring other members of the Batfamily so it was a huge head scratched to her she been e-canned.

But now she hasn’t. And once again DC has blinked when it comes to fan concern and in this case many female fans.

I like that.

I also like the fact that Simone is back at book that she made into a best seller.

I like that her well earned power has been recognized.

DC has made it difficult for me over the past year. This one goes in the plus box.

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    Can the fandom just have this one moment
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    Mh… I’m the only one that thinks this was… too easy?
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    Thank fuck. I mean, at least let the lady finish her planned arc! Rude.
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