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Dec 27 '12

Comixology Is Having a $.99 Lois Lane Sale!

Okay, that headline isn’t exactly true (although it should be) but they are having an sale on Superman comics through December 31 30 at 11PM EST and there are many to choose from that show off how terrific (and important) a character Lois Lane is.

Over the last year while DC has (well SOME of DC Comics) has begun THEGREATESTROMANCEINHISTORYBASEDONTWOKISSES story of Wonder Woman and Superman hooking, I’ve been increasingly amused by the writings of fans of the pairings who try to suggest that Lois Lane isn’t a necessary part of the Superman narrative (that some of these sites actually use 1st grade school yard taunts like “Lois Lame” to describe the character mitigates it a bit, because … REALLY?). Everyone, of course, is free to ship who they want they want in comics, but to try and suggest that some how Lois Lane is not important to the Superman myth flies in the face of comics history. And conveniently enough much of that history is on sale right now.

And if you aren’t interested in Lois Lane (wait, why are you here? XD) these titles will also prep you for Man of Steel which hits theaters in less than six months. Lois Lane, of course, is in that movie (and its trailer), as she’s been in 90% of every media adaption of Superman, so, again, so much for that “not important” narrative. 

I think an excellent place to start with your purchases is the very beginning (it’s a very good place to start).

Action Comics #1 features not only the debut of Superman but also Lois Lane. If you”ve seen the trailer you know that ends with Superman speaking to Lois about how he was told that others would fear him. That’s a call back to this issue:



And with that we’ll jump forward five decades to Man of Steel. This is the last time DC rebooted Superman under the pen and pencil of John Byrne. 

You can pick up the initial run of that series which is a retelling of the origin story. Byrne put Lois Lane on the cover of the second issue which is a signal to how important she was to the narrative. See she even her name above the title here:


Byrne’s faces drive me a bit crazy especially his mouths but otherwise that cocked up stance and confident stare from the page is a pretty perfect representation of Lois Lane.

The Superman origin story isn’t great enough to be told once, or twice, or even three times. And here are two other adaption that also make the connection of Lois and Superman an important part of the overall narrative.

Coke or Pepsi? McDonalds or Burger King? Marvel or DC? These are the brand formed questions that can create a bonding with a stranger or create an interesting conversation. And here’s another one featuring two relatively recent retellings of the Superman origin: “Birthright or Secret Origin?” And now for just a few bucks if you haven’t read them you can do you own taste test!

Birthright is Mark Waid’s retelling and it appears to be, from what we can tell so far, influencing the Man of Steel movie. But more importantly it includes one of the best pages ever in comics about Lois Lane:


Oh and there is this, too:


What’s that you say Clark?

But perhaps you like your Superman origin tale to be more like the 70s movie. If so than you’ll like Secret Origin by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, who draws Supes/Clark so he looks like Christoper Reeve. But more importantly we see, feel really, the immediate connection between Lois and Superman:


I don’t think one moment that Johns has written of THEGREATESTROMANCEINTHEHISTORYOFCOMICSINTHENEW52 is as good as this.

Superman: For All Seasons by Loeb and Sale and, oh heh, look Lois is awesome in this as well.


But if you’ve already read both of these and still have some money burning in your pocket DC also has issues from the Superman Adventures, based on the animated series, online. Animated Lois Lane is an amazing Lois Lane and not just because she was voiced by Dana Delaney.


They also have All-Star Superman on sale which is probably my least favorite of any of these as a Lois fan.

I wish Comixology would actually do a Lois Lane sale. There’s a lot of Bronze Age comics that are enjoyable (including the run discussed here) that haven’t been collected as well as some arcs in Action Comics both pre and post Crisis. 

What’s your favorite Lois story?

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