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Dec 27 '12

Make Sure to Pick up Mara #1 this Week

I’ve been off holidaying for the last few days so I’m a bit late in my comics to buy this post. It’s a small list week dominated by the insanity of Spider-Man #700 (I spoiled told my nephew on Christmas Eve about it and he just didn’t believe me) but there is one comic I want to put a spotlight on:

Brian Wood practically has a Good Housekeeping seal of approval when it comes to writing comics and writing comics with great female leads. And this story plays to Woods’ strengths - future society, world building and introducing a lead character layer by layer. Mara Prince is a sports star in a future where sports are intregal to society. In this first issue we meet her, learn her history, her family and hints of her current life. 

Wood is one of the few writers who always surprises me with his writing even if I have no idea given his output (X-Men, The Massive, Conan, Star Wars and this) he ever sleeps.

Wood is matched here by artist Ming Doyle. I’ve been a  fan of Doyle’s work for a few years and its nice to see her getting this high profile gig. She works very well with Wood and her strength at capturing intimate moments with characters which I’ve appreciated in her prior pieces is on full display here.

The team is rounded out by Jordie Bellaire shows once again why she is one of the best colorists in comics today.

Mara #1 is available now by digital download or in your LCS. Give it try and let me know what you think.

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