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Dec 30 '12

Comic Store Unveils Newest Street in Worcester, Mass.: Lois Lane

One day as Ken Carson was driving around he began wondering how hard it would be to rename the street next to the shop he manages, That’s Entertainment, in Worcester, Mass. “I asked a friend and he said it wouldn’t be too hard.” But what to name it? “It could be Della Street from Perry Mason or Margo Lane who was the girl friend of the Shadow. But then I thought, well Lois Lane has been around since 1938 and she’s in comics.”


Ken Carson

And so Marmon Place, a private way that runs adjacent to the shop began the almost two year process of being renamed in honor of one of the world’s most famous reporters and girlfriend/wife Superman.

Today the comic shop held an unveiling ceremony for the sign. In attendance were comics fans and entrants in Lois Lane look-alike contest.

Two of the entrants in the contest were nine year old Morgan Monfreido who knows Lois Lane from the Smallville TV program and Emily Thurlow who is a journalist whose nickname is “Local Lois Lane”


To celebrate the occasion the shop also had artist Paul Ryan who drew Lois Lane in the wedding issue of Clark Kent and Lois Lane in Superman:The Wedding Album on hand doing free sketches.

The big moment finally came around 4:30 when people trooped outside to see the official unveiling of the street:


And with a pull of the small curtain:


Lois Lane is open. 

I asked Carson how it felt about DC’s decision to make Superman and Wonder Woman a couple. He smiled and said, “Well … it’s a diversion … Eventually they’ll go back to the way it is … to the iconic couple. But people will have been able to read the story of how they came together.”

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