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Jan 6 '13

localairwaves asked:

At this point, would you rather have the New 52 or go back to immediately before it the old continuity, both in terms of overall quality and in terms of minority representation?

How about a best of both worlds? There’s some good stuff in the new 52,  I just wish so much hadn’t been thrown out with the bath water.

  1. perletwo said: Not dissing, serious inquiry: What do you consider the highlights of “some good stuff” in the nU? I haven’t liked most of what I’ve read, but haven’t read straight across the board so could’ve missed.
  2. monkeysheinz said: Let N52 go on a while, get a concensus of what’s good/bad about it, then just begin a new continuity, completely, no nonsense, no horse5#!+, just a fresh continuity with a feel for fan and writer love. Trying to have old and new together ruins it.
  3. bluebandito said: I have to agree. i like the increase in minority representation but so many Comics and characters got washed away…
  4. jyger85 said: Yeah, I don’t want the New 52 undone, I want it fixed. Undoing it would just be backtracking.
  5. dcwomenkickingass posted this
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