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Jan 7 '13

Marvel Teases New Brian Wood X-Men Series …

… or is that X-Women?

The teaser consists only of this image and, the team of Brian Wood and Oliver Coipel the date, April 2013. Could Marvel be doing another all-female team book?  Hmmm!

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    I know that Alonso said they had a few female based projects in the making. Could this be one of them?!
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    if true this would make Lilly very happy…..
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    Jesus, Wood is on so many books. But it’s awesome. Now if Hickman could handle all the books he’s on too and finally...
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    All my favorite mutant ladies are in books already! There will be more??
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    I hope Hope
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  22. themyskira said: !!!!!!!!!!! WANT.
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