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Mar 23 '11

I guess porn is the only way I get see my favorite DC women on film

First the Wonder Woman parody, then the JLA parody and now this. Extreme Comixx has announced their next XXX DC parody. And I’m not as surprised at who is in it but who is left out!

Extreme Comixxx announced the cast for “Supergirl: An Extreme Comixxx Parody” today.

Taking the title role will be adult star Alanah Rae. The company said the blonde, busty 5’7” star is perfect as Supergirl because of her 36DD assets that enhance the blue and red costume. [note: Drawing on the work of several DC artists with that interpretation.)

Joining Rae are Sunny Lane as Batgirl / Barbara Gordon, [Note: Babs!] Madelyn Marie as Nasthalthia Luthor, India Summer as Beverly Bernham, Jenna Presley as Lois Lane and Dale Dabone will play Superman.

Okay, why is Power Girl not in this? Is it the lack of interaction the two have in comics? Are the comic porn producers guilty of continuity porn? I need answers.

“Supergirl” is the follow-up production to the soon-to-be-released “The Justice League of Porn Star Heroes: An Extreme Comixxx Parody.”

Director General Stone said, “We’re excited about production; we want to cater to true comic fans by sticking to the original source material. ‘Supergirl’ is a goldmine of sexy fun and our version will include the hot scenes everyone has been dreaming of.”

I can only hope the stick to canon and have Supergirl arrive in Pink Rocket or as Jimmy Palmiotti once described it, “It’s like a giant vibrator hit into earth and Supergirl popped out.”

Filming starts March 28.


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