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Jan 14 '13

Scott Snyder Talks Superman, Lois Lane and What’s Next on Batman

Kelly and I welcomed Scott Snyder to “3 Chicks Review Comics” this weekend for our Best of 2012 show. We talked to Snyder, who I named writer of the year, about the incredible success he had in 2012 with Batman, American Vampire and Swamp Thing and what we can expect to see from him next year.

There were some tidbits on what the next Batman arc will be as well as a some discussion about his unnamed Superman book including his thoughts on Lois Lane.

Snyder talks quite a bit about how he views Superman, but he also spoke about the role Lois plays:

"The thing that fascinates me about Lois to Superman I guess to get at it is in a lot of ways she represents to him what inspires him about humanity in a lot ways. No matter what she’ll go for the truth. No matter what she’ll do what’s right. Even if it means going up against tremendous odds. That isolation and loneliness that that brings to Lois to it means going up against her father it means going up the Planet, going up against people who will kill her. It something that he looks and it makes him think about humanity the way he wants to. He gives us room to do the right thing instead of doing what he thinks is the right thing for the planet. So for me she’s very much like a North star for that for him."

He also said that while he is writing a “real-world” Superman story there would still be lots of Superman “punching things” in each issue.

As far as for Batman following a wrap of Death of a Family in #17 (a “30 page monster”), #19 and 20 will be a two parter. Issue #21 will begin what he called “our most ambitious story yet” which will be “Court of Owls sized” which will feature the Riddler. He also noted by ambitious “this isn’t something insane like bringing Batman’s family back in a spaceship.” The issue, he said, will tie to the 0 issue.

You can hear more about with Snyder here.

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    Wow, I’m really happy Scott said all this. If only Lois was portrayed as good as he intends to and speaks of.
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    Scott Snyder is one of the few good things left at DC
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