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Jan 14 '13

DC Changes Writers on Birds of Prey, Again

DC announced this morning that Birds of Prey will be going in a new direction, so new that the writer they announced in December is already off the book. Indie writer Jim Zub had been announced as taking over the book with issue 17 from Duane Swierczynski. But with the solicits for April hitting this morning DC revealed to CBR that Christy Marx would instead be writing the book. Zub also told readers on his blog he was off the book.

I was looking forward to Zub’s take on the book but I can’t complain about his successor, Christy Marx, who has been doing good work on Sword of Sorcery's Amethyst.

But it does give me another thing to put on the list of “what the heck is going on with DC editorial?”. The company also today announced Robert Vendetti was off Constantine to be replaced by Jeff Lemire and Ray Fawkes. Again can’t complain there (expecially as the team is writing Justice League Dark). And of course late last year DC removed Gail Simone off of Batgirl only to put her back on the book.

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    It’s definitely odd but on the bright side, I wouldn’t say any of these were bad decisions…keeping Gail Simone on...
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    Ditto on the ‘what the heck?’
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  6. j0bbernowl said: Haven’t we all been wondering that since news of the New 52 dropped? Pack of monkeys over there.
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    Not sure If I’m going to like it or hate it…I just love birds of prey so much
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  9. garychapple said: DC should be embarrassed about their public hiring/firing (and firing-rehiring) moves. I would image for a lot of pros, it’s rather off-putting.
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    DC editorial is really diving off the deep end … but those new creative teams are SO AWESOME!
  11. auntiedrawsstuff said: Gah, just give it back to Gail already!
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  14. marcusto said: Perplexing to say the least
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