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Jan 15 '13

Get Even More Excited Brian Wood’s X-Men

The response to the all female X-Men was very positive from my neck of the woods. Of course there are those who feel that you can’t have any X-Men team without men. Or so says Brian Wood.


Oh you 20%, what would we do without you?

Anyways, here’s a pretty variant cover of the new team by the Dobsons for those of you looking forward to it. And for the 20% who want to add dudes, here’s some salt for your manguish!


photo via Wired.

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    This team is so fucking awesome! leave it as it is!
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    Hoshit I might have to go back to buying X-Men.
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    Why would anyone NOT want an all female X-Team?
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    God, I’m so stoked for this book. Only thing that would amp it up more is having Pixie on the book.
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