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Jan 23 '13

Comics to Buy This Week, January 23

Here is what is on my pull list this week.

As I usually do I try to highlight a first issue and this week its a one that I am really looking forward to:

Young Avengers #1. I named this one of the 13 comics I was looking forward to in 2013 and its here. And from the look of the preview art and team profiles that have been posted on the characters it is going to be great.

And here’s a book I’m also looking forward to this week:

Actually, I’m not looking forward to it because it is the end of the second arc of this series and I don’t know when I’ll see these characters again. Noooooo!

And here’s what I’m picking up from DC:

Williams is on art this issue.

Strix is introduced the team. This is Swierczynski’s penultimate issue before Christy Marx takes over (with a Jim Zub almost interlude in-between). 

And speaking of Christy Marx here’s Sword of Sorcery.  Aaron Lopresti is taking a break this issue but the fill-in artist, Travis Moore, looks good. (Preview here). There’s also a back-up story by Marc Andreyko.

Giving this another try. That’s quite a kick there Selina.

And also from Marvel

Love the art on this.

And a series you should check out.

Brian Wood y’all.

That’s it, I think. What’s on your list or what did I miss?

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  9. alyssamaydraw said: Ack, I totally forgot about YA #1!! Had to make an emergency call to my comics provider and add it to my pull list. My eternal gratitude for saving me the heartache of going to the shop and finding it sold out!!
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