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Jan 27 '13

cassandracaindesiresstuff asked:

What do I have to do to get you to watch Green Lantern? Because seriously, this is a show that everyone should watch.

I’m not a fan of Hal Jordan so I suppose tell me he’s not on the show anymore?

  1. evashandor said: Hal Jordan on GLTAS is not much like comicsverse HJ. He’s cocky sure, but he is a well-rounded character in GLTAS.
  2. zepysgirl said: Honestly, I didn’t watch it for the longest time for that very same reason. My advice is watch it anyways; you’ll enjoy it. And on the subject of DC women kicking ass, Aya is something truly special. GLTAS does it much better than YJ in that regard.
  3. fourjacks-o-lantern said: Me either, Guy Gardner is the shit, and John Stewart too.
  4. aquaeignis said: John Stewart > Hal Jordan.
  5. distractedbyshinyobjects said: GLTAS Hal is the very best that Hal has ever been. He’s nearly unrecognizable. In a good way. And every other character is perfect.
  6. stratosmacca said: Same reason I’ve never been interested in the show. Hal just kills any motivation I’d probably otherwise have.
  7. thesnowqueen said: I can’t stand comics!Hal, but he is is actually really wonderful in the show.
  8. sheevpalpatine said: he is one of the main characters, but it’s very much an ensemble cast. And, according to others, he’s better in the show? I don’t follow Lantern comics, so I would know, but he’s very likeable here
  9. tedkordisanasshole said: he’s actualy pretty much a different character from the comic version? I can’t stand that one, but GLTAS!Hal is absolutely amazing!
  10. magnetic-rose said: i don’t care much for him but he’s actually pretty likable on the show.
  11. driedvoices said: i’ve never liked hal in the comics but i love him in the show.
  12. pearlsandserpents said: thank GOD, i thought i was the only one who couldn’t stand hj
  13. suziedowninthequiet said: why don’t you like him? i’ve never had the time, energy, money or really inclination to get into green lantern so my only exposure is the terrible movie
  14. scottfogg said: It’s a great show!
  15. defective-comics said: give it a shot perhaps?
  16. dcwomenkickingass posted this
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