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Jan 29 '13

Children Being Fed Classic DC Continuity!

As I was shopping last week I noticed in the aisle devoted to children’s “fruit” snacks (i.e. gummy candy with fruit juice) that there was a new addition.


I’m not surprised to see new Superman merchandise given there is a big budget movie out this summer, but, as you can see this, this Superman is not wearing New 52 or movie costume but the classic costume.

And there is something else classic IN the package as well!

Inside each box are an assortment of fruit flavored snacks including this one:


Oh, look it’s Lois Lane. 

I’m not quite sure why Kellogg decided to channel Lois ala Kurt Schaffenberger ala Jackie Kennedy with the pillbox hat, but let’s not be picky; it’s Lois Lane.

Here’s a look at the other snack shapes:


So three of Superman, one classic logo and the Daily Planet and one Lois Lane. All so iconic they don’t even have to be identified on the box.

I found these in Stop & Shop which is a popular chain here in New England. I’m not sure what other chains are carrying them.

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