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Feb 2 '13

WTF Red Hood Cover Reveals More Than You Think

Or is that less?

Here are two versions of the covers for April’s issue. The solicited colored version on the right and the original pencils on the left (I’ve left off the spoiler half but you can find that pretty easy if you wish.)

See anything different? Let me help you. Look at Starfire’s top. DC has actually ADDED to the top to cover more of her boobs. Not THAT much more. But enough to get rid of that sideboobage as seen here.

picture to gif

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    Well, at least, they have a mega crossover title arc that pretty much sums up all of our FEELS with the DCnU.:3
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    Either top… I just want to know HOW IT STAYS ON!? Double sided space tape? Space glue? Space magic? I know the answer is...
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  7. molliehaswords said: I guess that’s… good?
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  9. tardisadjacent said: WTF They could not give her a real top plus her rib cage is all kinds of messed up.
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    I just want to stop and think for a moment about this garment (either version) and HOW IT COMPLETELY DEFIES PHYSICS. Has...
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    Except that her perseverance, discussions of truth or power, and sense of humor weren’t at all the topic here. I wrote...
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